Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Weight Loss Surgery Cost in Houston

So How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

Each option of weight loss surgery has different levels of treatments involved resulting in different costs. Dr. Thomas offers complementary consultations to discuss pricing options with his patients. Below are answers to some of our commonly asked questions:

Is There Financing Available?

Yes, we work with a few different lending partners for you to choose from with terms that go as long as 5 years. They feature a quick approval process to help get your weight loss surgery scheduled promptly once deciding that it is right for you. Many providers even feature online application forms allowing you to apply from the comfort of your own home.

Do You Offer Self Pay Options?

Yes, if you do not have insurance or you do not meet the requirements needed by your insurance provider, we offer a self pay discounted option.

Is Any Portion of My Operation Tax Deductible?

Yes, the IRS allows any taxpayer who is going through weight loss surgery to deduct expenses for your procedure, nutritional counseling, and qualified weight loss drugs. If the cost of operation is most of your gross income, the IRS allows for deductions of uncompensated costs of your treatment. There is a link below to the IRS Medical Tax Deduction page below, but be sure to always check with your CPA or a tax professional for complete understandings. IRS Medical Tax Deduction.

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Weight loss surgery before and after photos

Disclaimer: Please note that there's no guarantee of getting the same results as each of these patients. Specific results vary by individual patient.