Houston Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

What is this sleeve everyone talks about when discussing weight loss surgery, how does it work, and what should I know about it before considering one?

Houston Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve

A Houston weight loss surgery gastric sleeve is the process of removing a large portion of the stomach and leaves only a small portion left. This limits the amount of food a person can ingest and gives the feeling of being full after eating less food. The section of the stomach that is removed is also responsible for releasing most of the hormones signalling hunger to our brains which leads to cravings and eating. Having this section removed cuts back on the hunger cravings and cuts back on access eating habits.

houston weight loss gastric sleeve

  The picture here shows how a weight loss surgery gastric sleeve is performed. The larger section on the right is the portion that is removed from the stomach leaving only the left section behind.


What Can You Expect From A Houston Weight Loss Surgery Sleeve Surgery?

Results from a gastric sleeve entail a number of different factors. Those being your exercise habits, eating habits, and lifestyle habits. Another factor is the size in which the doctor makes your new sleeve. With that being said, patients can expect to see roughly 50% – 60% of their excess weight be removed as long as they live a healthy and responsible life after surgery. You can find a very detailed article about this all here.

Below you can view an interview of a previous Houston weight loss surgery sleeve patient

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Disclaimer: Please note that there's no guarantee of getting the same results as each of these patients. Specific results vary by individual patient.