What About the “Feel Good” Diet?

The words we use to ourselves and others matter. Some words open us up. Some words shut us down. And when it comes to weight loss, the words “Eating healthy” shut us down.

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Eating healthy feels like a chore your parents have been nagging you to do, but you resist; “Sit up straight.” “Take out the trash.” “Clean your room.” “Do your homework.” And, of course, “Clean up your plate.”

What if we thought of nutrient eating and pleasure eating as the “Feel-good” diet? We all want to feel good, right?

If you want to feel better today, eat better today.

You’re the only one that can judge how you feel, and what makes you feel better, and what makes your feel worse. One hour after eating a meal, do you feel like hitting the couch, or do you have energy to do something you love? Scientists have spent tremendous effort trying to measure energy production in relationship to food, when the way to measure how much energy you get from eating is simply asking yourself how you feel and then measuring it on your personal scale.

The only proven method for long-term weight loss and healthy-eating success is changing habits. Such change is difficult, which I’ll address in more detail on another post.

If you feel the change, actually taste it, you have an emotional mental image to recall. This image this helps give up the natural resistance to change. When you have repetitively experienced what it feels like to eat a small volume of nutrient food that tastes good and feel energy and vitality after eating, you’re on a path that will change your life. This is true when it comes to food, but also works in many other life challenges.

As a Houston weight loss surgeon, I’ve seen many times how the power of using emotional images can bring about real change.

The model of recalling the “feel-good” experience after some difficult task helps you give up the resistance to performing that task.

And, over time, you becomes who you are….

a person who feels good…

and it shows.

Eating better with just the goal of better health rarely works. Eating better because you know what it feels like to eat well and feel good—now that works.

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