Set the intention before bed and get success

Our brain is an amazing organ. It likes us to plan ahead. Some term that as setting the intention. We have many neuro pathways in our brain. Much like our highways. Its like planning our route before a trip. However, even more powerful because by setting the intention those particular pathways in our brains are primed and ready for actively.

So what to do? Before bed, as you begin to relax, take 1 to 2 minutes and visualize your day. Think of what time you will be eating and visualize what you will be eating.

Then the next day begins. Think of eating only at the meal times above. No eating otherwise. If your day gets off tract, do not blame yourself, just look at it and ask yourself how you can do better tomorrow. Quick question and get a quick answer.

This is very powerful for long term success and very doable.

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