How to Ride the Holiday Storm

Houston bariatric surgery The holiday season is here. A great time filled with Christmas parties and lots of food. The month of December is like a person with two personalities. One personality is full of love and joy. The other is stressed out with all the things that need done and all the things you want to do. We are often pulled in many directions and the result is that nasty thing called stress.

It is like the perfect storm, great food everywhere mixed with various levels of stress. And much like when warm winds mix with cold winds we get a storm. So how do we ride the storm? How do we not over indulge with food?

A few concepts will help. First set the intention or thought at night before sleep what that next day is going to look like. Visualize the parties and the food and visualize yourself eating several really tasty foods and desserts. And visualize yourself only eating a few bites. Remember the get comfortable wasting food rule. Visualize eating a few bites of pumpkin pie and then pushing it away.  Then remember how good you will feel physically by not overeating and how good it feels to accomplish your intention. Visualize yourself having energy to socialize and be active. This should take a few seconds before dosing off to sleep.

Thorough the next day remember awareness is the key to all change. Pay attention to what you are eating. Have an ongoing conversation between your brain and your stomach.  Think eat a few bites, enjoy, waste the rest, and feel good afterwards. If you are feeling stressed and wanting to show love to your self by overindulging in food, then recognize it. Remember that stressed out love is dysfunctional or harmful love. Think of a way to show love to your self that is healthy. Remember your love language. Is your love language gifts and buy your self a gift, words of affirmation like “ I really look good”, touch, or some service like maybe I will pay someone to clean my house tomorrow. Whatever it is shift from dysfunctional love to healthy love.

Now if you happen to overindulge don’t beat your self up. Think of this process and think of how you might do better tomorrow and chip away at it.

Happy holidays!

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