5 Ways To Get Back On Track

 Start 2012 off on the right foot!  Follow these 5 simple steps:

By Caroline Mathis RD/LD

1)   Bust out that food journal
  • Food diaries are the best way to raise self-awareness about exactly what and how much you are putting in your mouth.  The diary can help you pinpoint exactly where you might have some room for improvement.  Don’t wait till the end of the day to document.  Record your food and serving sizes after each meal and snack.  At the end of the day, take a look.  Did you eat enough veggies?  Did you eat a piece of fresh fruit?  How about those serving sizes?  This information is key to help you make some healthy changes!
2)   Fill ‘er up!
  • We tend to drink less water in the winter months because we just don’t feel as thirsty.  Many people confuse hunger with thirst.  Drinking water 30 minutes before your meal will help you feel full and prevent you from over eating.  Your goal is at least 64 ounces a day
3)   Fiber is your friend
  • Goal 30 + grams per day
    • Choose a high fiber cereal to start your day (one that has at least 5 grams of fiber per serving)
    • Add bran cereal or Fiber One to your favorite whole grain cereal
    • Add a piece of fruit during your date
    • At 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to your oatmeal
    • Add a serving a raw vegetables as a snack (carrot sticks, cucumber slices, broccoli with low fat ranch dressing, bell peppers with hummus
4)   Eat a piece of fresh fruit and something green and leafy everyday
  • Fresh produce is a great way to get your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Consuming fresh fruits and veggies is also an easy way to fill up on minimal calories.  In addition to being nutrition powerhouses, these guys are loaded with fiber too!
5)   Protein: 60 grams a day
  • Protein is essential for staying full and maintaining lean body mass.  Think skinless chicken breast, lean ham, lean turkey, extra lean red meat, low sodium deli meats, eggs, low fat cheese, low fat puddings, low fat cottage cheese and natural peanut butter.  These foods can help you easily reach 60 grams of protein a day without having to use powder supplements or bars.

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