The New “Skinny Jeans” App is Now Available!

Staying on track with your weight loss plan is even easier now with our new Houston weight loss surgery app.

Our new “Skinny Jeans…at Last” app is now available for both iPhone and Android users. This App is something I’ve really been wanting to create for sometime to help our patients stay on track with their weight loss goals.

Houston weight loss surgeryThis new app comes with the “Eating Rules Scoring System”, a 15 question quiz that you take every evening before bed to help monitor your progress . The app also has a progress chart that saves all of your scores for monitoring your daily over a long period of time.

You might be asking, “What if I forget to take the test at night before I go to bed?” No problem! This new app is designed with a “clock” that lets you schedule a reminder each day to take the quiz.

So, if your bedtime is at 10:30 every night, you can set your “reminder clock” to alert you at 10:20 (or anytime before then) to take the quiz. It takes less than a minute to go through the quiz.

Once, you’ve completed the quiz, it will give you your score based out of 100 points. It will also provide a tip for staying on track each time you take the quiz.

So if you haven’t already download the new app today. It’s a great little tool for helping you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

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