Put those scales in the Attic

Setting a goal of losing weight to a certain number of pounds is both good and bad. It does make you focused. Frankly, it makes you think more about what you are eating.

Houston weight loss surgery But it can be frustrating as you do so many things right and the bathroom scale does not congratulate you with lost pounds. Even worst is when the pounds increase. All kinds of conversations begin inside your mind as you talk to yourself and most of it does not make you want to try harder, but makes you feel defeated. The little railroad engine “that could” no longer says, “ I think I can, I think I can.” Its says, “ I can’t do this, something is wrong with me.” You would never teach your kids to think that way when challenged.

Daily weighting does not show how many pounds of fat, muscle or bone have been gobbled up by your metabolism. What it does show is how much water your body has in it, your water balance. It’s is a balance; too little is not good, and too much is not good. Lots of things affect our water balance. Like the current state of our hormones, medications, alcohol, caffiene and most important of all, how much salt and saturated fat we eat that day.

So if the scales show increased pounds over a few days then your body in holding on to too much water. If you get sick and vomit or have diarrhea or sweating and not drinking enough then the scales with show a dramatic weight loss. That weight loss is a sign that you do not have enough water in your system, you are dehydrated.

Everyone has opinions about how much water to drink each day. Any number they give is wrong. Wrong because every day in different. The amount of moisture in the air, the amount of moisture in food, and how much you sweat varies every day. You know if you are drinking enough if you urinate every few hours and its clear. But as a side note, some foods and vitamins may color your urine and that may be OK.

Your focus should be, how well did I follow the “success habits eating rules”. And if not so good, then how can I do better tomorrow.

The best way to know your real progress with weight reduction is to pay attention to how your clothes fit, and the comments you get from friends and co-workers, and other every day reminders that your body is changing.

So put those scales in the attic or some place difficult to get to. Weigh once per month and look for a trend, not at exact pounds. Those scales can give you false information unless you are looking for changes in water balance.

If you stay focused, you will lose weight and your life experiences will change as well.

And you can do it!

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