How Does Weight Loss Surgery Help to Reverse Diabetes?

We are seeing more news articles recently on the benefits of weight loss surgery for people with diabetes. In fact, recent studies have shown that weight loss surgery has worked much better at reducing and even reversing diabetes than medication.

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The two types of surgeries that we’re referring to are the gastric bypass and the sleeve gastrectomy.

During a gastric bypass the upper part of the stomach is divided from the rest of stomach. This shot glass size stomach is then connected to the upper part of the small intestine. So food goes into this small size stomach, into the small intestine, into the large intestines, and then after digestion and fermentation to the toilet.

Food does not go into the other greater size portion of the stomach, or into the second portion of the intestine called the duodenum. Food bypasses these areas.

As I mentioned earlier there are many chemicals that work by biofeedback that live in this area and the way they affect our body metabolism changes. All because food did not pass through that area or bypassed that area of the intestine.

These chemical changes are magic.

Some recent five year studies now show the sleeve gastrectomy to be equally as effective as the gastric bypass. It seems to have many, if not all of the chemical changes we get with the gastric bypass – the chemical changes that normalize our metabolism and make it easier to choose healthy eating habits.

The operation is less complex than the gastric bypass, and less complexity translates into fewer complications.

During a sleeve gastrectomy the upper portion of the stomach is turned into a tube shape by removing about two thirds of the stomach and the lower third, the antrum is normal. Patients feel full on a small volume of food. But the magic is in the chemical changes.

The gastric bypass probably still has an edge on the sleeve gastrectomy in diabetic patients, but time will tell.

Most diabetic patients who have a gastric bypass are off insulin within the first week of surgery and often the first night of surgery – absolutely amazing and due to those chemical changes that normalize our metabolism.

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