What’s It’s Like to Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans

What does fitting into those skinny jeans really mean? It goes way beyond the obvious. Being able to wear clothes that you always fantasized about but couldn’t imagine is a fabulous benefit, but it goes much further than this.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to:

  • Play with your kids or grandkids without getting short of breath…. – Get rid of bottles of medicine that treat high blood pressure,
  • high cholesterol, and diabetes…
  • Become fertile and be able to get pregnant and have children… – Buy fashionable clothes off the rack……
  • Wake up rested and full of energy because your sleep apnea has
  • disappeared…
  • See your kids or grandkids grow up with added years to your life… – Be able to easily bend over and put your shoes on…
  • Be able to buckle your seatbelt comfortably…
  • Enjoy your sense of job security with renewed vigor…

We all sometimes talk in the abstract, “I just feel better.” But to really know what it’s like to fit into those skinny jeans we need to capture and embrace the emotion that goes along with it, using very specific words of exactly what is better. That’s when the magic occurs.

I ask patients, “Now that you have lost weight, what is it that is better?” They all start off with something abstract like, “Well, I just feel better”. That’s when I push for specifics. These are those stories – the stories that have moved me, the stories that inspired this book, the stories about the changes in peoples’ lives after losing the weight.

A buddy of mine had a lap band and the result was that he no longer suf- fered from sleep apnea. I asked him the question.

“I’ll tell you what it’s like – it’s like waking up feeling ten years younger!”

Carol has been very successful with her lap band. She is a little OCD (ob- sessive compulsive disorder) and for her, following rules is easy. I asked her the question. Her answer as usual, was, “I just feel better.” Then I pushed. Suddenly her lips widened and turned up in a smile, her face developed a glow, her voice became louder and full of infliction.

“I can cross my legs for the first time!”

I get lots of stories about being able to buy fashionable clothes off the rack. Linda decided to have a surgery because of unbearable knee pain, hyperten- sion, and sleep apnea. But when I asked her the question she said enthusias- tically as her voice softened and her eyes began to have that look that she was looking inside and re-visiting and feeling the emotion.

“I went to Victoria Secret and was able to buy a bra off the rack.”

Terri is a thirty five year old mother, wife, and nurse. Before surgery she carried herself with the posture of someone who felt good about herself.

And even though she did not have as much weight to lose as most, she felt her weight was bothering her. She is self-motivated and has will power, but she had tried every diet known to man and could not lose the weight.

She had family members with much more severe weight problems and was frightened of getting bigger. When I asked her the question she leaned for- ward, her eyes softened but intense and answered me.

“My sex life is better!”

Terri went on the say that she and her husband love each other very much and he never said anything or did anything for her to think otherwise. She explained, “I felt better about the way I looked, I had more energy and en- thusiasm and it showed in the bedroom.” I could visualize a big smile on her husband’s face.

She continued to beam and the intensity she radiated totally filled the room. I too could feel that energy. It was like she was a teenager again.

David is a good hearted man. He is a husband, father, and home builder. His faith is very important to him and you can sense how that guides his heart. His weight was causing unbearable knee pain and his high blood pres- sure was getting worse.

He intuitively knew that it did not make sense to have knee surgery, that what he needed was to get all that weight off those knees. So he decided to have surgery and has been very successful maintaining an excellent weight.

His hypertension and unbearable knee pain was resolved. So when I pushed him with the question he began talking about his boys. His boys play base- ball. They not only play it, they live and breathe it.

He talked with pride about now being their coach, no longer sitting in the stands or on the fence. He is participating. His answer to the question was heartwarming.

“I can finally be the father that in my heart was there. I am no longer held back by pain and shortness of breath.”

Christine and her husband had been married for ten years. They both came from big families and having children and being parents was important to both of them. There was no doubt that they loved each other very much. But they had been unable to get pregnant. Christine had some hormonal issues that her gynecologist was working on but without success.

On the first office visit the tension the situation was causing Christine was obvious. She decided to have a sleeve gastrectomy and lost her excess weight. Two years later she walked into the office carrying the car seat with her newborn baby girl, Cari. I asked her the question with a smile knowing quite well how she would answer.

“I get to be a mother.”

It is one of those little known secrets that when women lose significant weight they become very fertile. Every year some patient walks into the of- fice with her twenty-something year old daughter helping her carry her new born baby. After many years without using contraception and not getting pregnant, and now in their forties, they don’t believe it can happen. But it does. At first they are in shock, but then they feel re-born themselves.

Mike is an audio sound specialist. He came to the office weighing 350 pounds. He has many jobs, but one is traveling with a promotional speaker. He always had a moment of fear as he entered the plane. He was uncertain how the seat belt would or would not buckle, and how the person sitting be- side him would respond.

Carrying luggage was a chore. He would easily get short of breath and have to stop and rest. He was too proud to ride a cart. He had a lot of equipment to set up and that was a challenge.

He had difficulty staying awake during the talks because his sleep apnea was bad and he rarely had a good night’s sleep. He would listen to the self- help talks and ask himself why? Why can’t I have what it takes to lose weight? What’s wrong with me?

He had a gastric bypass and has lost his excess weight and resolved his sleep apnea.

Andrea sprung to action and saved her daughter from the car. She said from a deep place in her heart,

“That moment was very special to me, I was able to protect my daughter, knowing quite well that before surgery I would have been incapable of that feat.”

Breaking chairs happens when you are very over weight. Mary told me that she is more outgoing and goes more places. Before weight loss she felt people looked and watched her differently. When I asked the question and pushed for specifics, she told me,

“I was able to go to a cookout and sit in a lounge chair with no worry if it was going to break. And I did not feel like people were watching me as I sat down. And I noticed that no only did I not break the chair, there was room left over. It really felt good.”

Feeling emotion is a chemical event in our bodies. An emotional experience is very hard to forget. So what is going on when patients regain weight after surgery? We get lazy and we forget where we were.

With the gastric bypass and the sleeve gastrectomy there are chemicals changes that stabilize the way your body handles food. In the beginning these operations do most of the work for you. This is the easiest time ever to es- tablish good eating habits. It is easy and very do-able.

We are all resistant to change. Giving up the resistance to change your eat- ing habits is the obstacle preventing you from reaching your goal of long term weight loss success. How do you give up resistance? You tap into the emotions of what that thing or things are that made you feel better, those specific things – and feel them.

Whether it’s fitting into skinny jeans or buckling your seatbelt, remember them, close your eyes and feel them deeply. Feel the way your body feels as you remember. Re-live it over and over.

What you will find is that there is less resistance to doing what is needed for long term success.


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Disclaimer: Please note that there's no guarantee of getting the same results as each of these patients. Specific results vary by individual patient.