Eat Food that Makes You Feel Like the Real You

This is an excerpt from my new book coming out soon. The book is a follow-up to the bestselling weight loss surgery book Skinny Jeans at Last:

Think for a minute: What is the real you?

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What activities do you enjoy most, yet make you uncomfortable because of your weight? What represents success to you? What are your goals? Picture them.

Here’s a goal I hear regularly in my medical practice, and so I ask: Where are those skinny jeans? I know you have a pair. We all do. Are they hiding in the back of the closet? Do you yearn for the day that they live, every day, in the front of the closet?

Fitting into those skinny jeans feels like the sun rising to a blue-sky day after a long and hard winter. You feel alive. That feeling results for many reasons—including the fact that you are healthier. Does fitting into those skinny jeans seem like the real you?

If carrying extra weight keeps you from feeling like the real you, it’s time to do something about it. Can you remember what it feels like to feel healthy and fit? Is anything more valuable?

You’ll never find the right path unless you know where you’re going. Can you clearly picture what you’re trying to achieve?

The other day, I saw a billboard for a weight-loss method. It said, “Look good naked.” If that’s how you picture looking good, recall an image of yourself looking good naked each time you find yourself feeling the resistance to doing what’s required to achieve your goal. For example, say you decide to keep all snack food out of the house. But somehow a bag of your favorite cookies made it home. The rule is: eat one helping and throw the rest away.

Our subconscious doesn’t like throwing away food and you’ll resist doing it. When you feel that resistance, remember what it feels like to look good naked. I’ll share more tools and examples later, but in the meantime, be aware that with each success habit is accompanied by resistance to doing it.

We suffer suffer from infobesity. There are many books out there that deliver good advice, yet even when we use that advice, we continue to get bigger and bigger.

The advice is often conflicting and confusing. One expert may say that eating bananas causes belly fat and another may say that bananas give you an important fiber that helps get rid of belly fat.

Do you feel lost in the muck of all this advice?

The best barometer for what works is you. The solution is you. There’s nothing in this book you don’t already know, at least intuitively. But you may not be applying what you know. You may not even be aware of what you know—and awareness is the key to all change. This book brings awareness to what you already know as true and what will work for you.

The problem with all the expert advice is that we’re dealing with poorly understood body system. The experts mislead us into to believing they have it all figured out—in something of a “god complex.” However, our body system—and what we can call our “gut brain”—is very complex, and no one understands how it all works together despite, god-like pronouncements.

Diet and nutrition experts talk about the number of calories in food and about burning calories. Yet, the science behind food calories is very poor. Did you know that the calories listed on food labels are measured by burning food in a scientific device called a “bomb calorimeter”? Our bodies don’t work that way! Our bodies don’t burn food like the flame in a bomb calorimeter, yet that scientific “method” is taken as dogma. I will share more of the story later—and the story of scientific misconception gets worse.

The calorie is a measure of energy, and when applied to food, calorie-counting poorly measures the energy it gives our bodies. How do you know how much energy food gives you? You know by observing how much energy you feel after eating.

What works in complex and poorly understood systems is the trial-and-error method. It worked for Edison when he perfected the incandescent light bulb, and it will work for you. In fact, I like to call this the “trial-and-success”. The end game is feeling like the real you—not feeling like a bomb calorimeter.

Are you ready to learn the art of making that picture of yourself come alive, of achieving the goal of becoming the real you?

And it is an art. The masters don’t paint masterpieces every painting. They pay attention to what strokes, brushes, and paint combinations work and eventually a masterpiece emerges. It’s important to observe how food makes you feel. Everyone is has different tastes, and we respond differently to various foods. Some tolerate milk, some don’t. Some can eat eggs, some can’t.

The food you should eat is the food that makes you feel like the real you.

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