Dysfunctional Pleasure

This morning, I opened Facebook to see post after post on food recipes. All bad food from a feel good, get things done perspective. All sharing instant gratification, but little long term benefit. I rarely get this kind of post, so for me, it was a message to share.


We eat for nutrients, pleasure, and a dysfunctional need for love. It’s ok to eat for pleasure and we should. So ask yourself before eating: Am I eating for nutrients, pleasure, or a dysfunctional need for love?

Ask yourself one hour after eating how you feel? Do you feel like hitting the couch or doing something? When you pleasure yourself, how do you feel one hour after eating or the next morning? Can you limit your pleasure moments so that later you feel good? Dysfunctional love feels bad. And with food that bad feeling is noticeable one hour after eating and the next morning.

Is there a way to show love to yourself that is not dysfunctional? If its touch, go get a massage. If its acts of service, go get your car washed. If its words of affirmation, tell yourself how much you love yourself.

One of the posts showed a penne pasta recipe that had one stick of butter, one pint of heavy cream, one cup of Parmesan cheese, and cream cheese.

Can you eat a few bites and waste the rest? When you stop at a few bites you feel better one hour after eating. When you finish the plate, you will feel sluggish and foggy headed.

You choose.

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