Houston is home to some of the best medical professionals and facilities in the world. If you would like to consider traveling to Houston for your laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, we can arrange it.

Of the three procedures the sleeve gastrectomy is by far the best procedure to travel, have surgery, and return home. Patients spend one or two days in the hospital and can do most activities and return to work within one week. Follow up care can be managed long distance by telephone calls and our web based support group. Below is step by step how to arrange travel and surgery.

1. Begin with education about the sleeve gastrectomy. Go to EMMI at the top of the home page. Click on it. Log
in. Then choose sleeve gastrectomy. It covers the procedure, risks, benefits and alternatives.

2. Read Dr. Thomas’ book Skinny jeans….at last!! It will give you the mindset for long term

3. Email Dr. Thomas’ nurse Rachel at [email protected]. She will make the travel arrangements and can arrange a pre-travel phone consult with Dr. Thomas.

4. Rachel will email you a form to fill out. Return it to her by email at your convenience. Start thinking
approximately when you would like to have surgery and plan to spend 5 to 7 days in Houston. You will spend one
or two in the hospital and three to five days in a hotel. You will pick the price and quality of hotel you
would prefer. We can arrange from super luxury to budget.

5. Rachel will send instructions to enter your medical history into a web based portal. It is detailed so
gather your information.

6. Get a thorough medical exam by your primary care physician and have those results sent to us. If older than
40, a cardiac stress test is required. Silent heart disease is common. After Dr. Thomas reviews your medical
history, he will advise you on any additional testing to be done. If you are not able to arrange medical
clearance, then we can arrange for it in Houston. You visit will just be longer.

7. The total cost will be dependent on many factors such as the quality of hotel and how many days you stay in
Houston. Once preliminary arrangements are made we will send the total cost to you. The cost will be
reasonable, however this is probably not the choice for bargain shoppers. Our goal is to provide high quality
at a reasonable cost. If insurance coverage is available, our billing department will do our best to get you

Disclaimer: Please note that there's no guarantee of getting the same results as each of these patients. Specific results vary by individual patient.