Convert Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve: The Process

It is all about doing the right thing for you. The best way to make a decision is to have a clear picture of your goal and how to accomplish it. Be careful of making an emotional decision. Your goal is long term weight loss success.

The process begins with education. Begin with the educational module on this website. Then read my book. Skinny jeans at last!! Then follow the list starting with making an appointment.

1. Go to the educational module on this website.

2. Read my book, Skinny jeans at last!

3. Make an office appointment with Dr. Thomas at either of his two locations

4. The office staff will start the insurance approval process if applicable. If you must consider cash options, then that is discussed as well by the billing staff. Most insurance companies have started approving the surgery.

5. We generally can proceed very soon with surgery if paying cash. Insurance may take a few months. The sooner we begin the process the sooner you will know. And remember you can always change your mind.

6. If any new medical issues have developed, those need addressed before surgery. It is a good idea to get a thorough exam by your primary care physician. We can use the blood work if within weeks of surgery.

7. If you made it to this point, then it is time to schedule surgery. First we need to do an Upper GI endoscopy to evaluate the stomach prior to removing part of it. This can be scheduled on the first office visit or whenever convenient, but needs done before surgery. Insurance almost always covers this outpatient procedure.

8. Surgery usually takes about one hour. Patients spend one to two days in the hospital. Nausea is the primary reason to need to stay the second day and almost always resolves that second day.

9. Most patients are ready to return to work or full activities by the end of the first week. It varies from patient to patient how many days of that first week it takes before you feel as though you turned the corner and feel good.

10. For that first week you are on a liquid diet, may shower all wounds, and may drive if you feel like you can drive safely.

11. There are chemical changes occurring inside your body that normalize your metabolism starting the night of surgery. In the beginning the operation does the work for you. This is the time to lock in good eating habits.

12. We generally see patients at 2 weeks, one month, and then every two to three months of the first year primarily to re-in force good eating habits.

13. We ask patients to call Dr. Thomas or the office staff any time with any question.

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