Tune Into Your Body And Observe How it Responds

Many years ago I read a book called The Food Chronology by James Trager. It takes our earliest knowledge of early man and what evidence there is about what he ate.

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The book then marches through historical events up to present time. It matches historical events with what was going on in relation to food at the time.

Skimming through the book you can get a tremendous sense of how we have arrived where we are today. And it brings us back to learning from our mistakes.

When farming became a trade, wheat and grains were the main crop. Then came the major plagues that killed millions of people because rodents ate the stock piled grains, multiplied rapidly and spread disease. The naturopathic doctors have brought into the spotlight how common gluten sensitivity is and how it adversely affects our health.

Gastroenterologist missed the boat when it comes to gluten sensitivity. They focused on celiac disease which is the severe form of gluten sensitivity, and ignored what the more minor effects gluten sensitivity may be causing in terms of intestinal symptoms such as cramps, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating to name a few, as well as skin rashes, migraines, nasal congestion and autoimmune disease.

I now recommend to any patient having any type of GI problems to do a brief trial of a gluten free diet and I am amazed how many people report back that they are significantly improved. If you don’t believe me – try it. Ask your friends that are having some of the above problems to do the gluten free diet and have them report back how they feel. You will be amazed.

Back to the topic of wheat, it is widely touted that grains are very healthy, that we should eat oatmeal, wheat bread and cereals. But they cause many people to have problems.

So if you go through a gluten free trial and find that in many ways you feel better, then step back and observe the abundance of information there has been that wheat is healthy. You might be getting the idea that much of the advice we get as far as what to eat is not as solid as we think.

We learned that we need a lot of fiber in our diet. We thought that because wheat has a lot of fiber it must be good for us. For many it is not. Individuals need to see how they respond to wheat and if they don’t respond well to avoid it. Tune in to your body and observe how it responds.

Remember there is a lot of fiber in whole foods.

I believe we have too many chemicals in our diets. Food additives are chemicals and all have a side effect profile just like medicines.

Just like medicine they affect some and not others. The problem is that there are so many of them laced in our packaged food products that it is difficult to separate those that you can and cannot tolerate.

Intuitively it makes sense that some may be causing problems.

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