The Number One Secret to Staying in Those Skinny Jeans

The secret to staying in those skinny jeans is staying focused. Staying focused for the rest of your life.

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What it is like to fit into those skinny jeans needs to be an ever present thought. The two variables most responsible for our obesity are not likely to change – our genetics and our calorie rich environment.

What does staying focused look like? Allison had gastric bypass nine years ago and has keep her eighty-five pounds off. She has a small frame, so eighty-five pounds is a lot. She is gorgeous. She often gets compliments on her appearance.

Allison has faithfully kept all her doctor follow up appointments. If you find someone that had a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy that has regained significant weight, ask them, “When was the last time you saw your bariatric surgeon?”

Almost always you will get a vague answer full of excuses.

We teach all patients that one of the best things they can do if they begin to regain significant weight is to start seeing their bariatric surgeon monthly until they are back on tract. The act of scheduling the appointment, arranging time to make the appointment, walking in and weighting, and sitting in the exam room keeps those inner voices actively thinking about weight loss.

Then we can focus our discussion about what part of the eating rules they are struggling with and what to do about it.

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