Go Additive Free and See How Your Body Responds

Exercise along with losing weight, and maintaining a healthy weight is very important to our long term quality of life.

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It makes us fit. Fit to enjoy life more fully. It improves our mental well-being and is excellent at relieving stress. Exercise is all about developing a habit.

I think it takes one to two years to develop a habit to the point that you no longer have to talk yourself into exercising.

Visualize yourself signing up for an expensive gym membership, then driving to the gym and then sitting in the car trying to talk yourself out of going in. Suddenly everything seems more important.

The same is true when we try to develop good eating habits. Visualize and remind yourself over and over the things you notice about yourself when you are exercising on a regular basis. Use that visualization to help you give up the resistance of doing the simple do-able thing like getting out of your car and walking into the gym. And give up equating sweating and intensity of exercise with weight loss.

If not, you will be disappointed and quit. Do not quit. Develop the habit and the intensity can come later.

The two most important tools for success is to find the time of day that is least likely to be interrupted and to build in some method of accountability. For some, doing a form of exercise first thing in the morning before the hectic day starts works. For others, finding a partner and agreeing to make each other accountable works. If they have an excuse to not show up, give them a hard time, every time.

How about those bathroom scales? I think they give more bad information than good. In a hospital setting we weigh patients often daily. It is not because we think they are metabolizing fat and muscle or gaining fat and muscle. It is because we want to know what their water balance is. If the weight increases over night we know they are retaining fluid/water for some reason, and the reverse is true as well.

They are useful at home however for the same reason. It tells us what our water balance is. I recommend only weighing if you feel as though you are retaining fluid. If your weight goes up overnight, you are. You did not grow fat, or muscle, or bone. It could be for hormonal reasons such as menstrual periods, some medical problem, or side effects of some medicine. Most likely it is because you have been eating salty food.

Most people are salt sensitive and will retain water after eating salty food They will gain water weight that can be seen on the scale and felt in the puffiness of their fingers.

Prove it to yourself, do the trial above. Eat salt free Monday to Friday, then eat salty food Friday and Saturday, and wake up Sunday and see how you feel. Then visualize how it felt Monday to Friday, and remember that feeling when thinking about eating salty food and ask yourself, is it worth it?

Learning the nutritional value of food, learning to count calories, learning about metabolic rates and glycemic indexes all are very good.

There are many books on the subject and I highly recommend one from a friend of mine, Robert Moore, called The Body of Knowledge System.

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